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Listing Your Home: Photographing the House

Once we have seen the preliminary pictures of your home and agree to add it to our Location Library, we will call to make an appointment to photograph your house. We will professionally shoot every room in the house, including bedrooms and bathrooms. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS SERVICE.

Think of the process as if you were showing the house to a prospective buyer. They will be more interested in it if they can see the bones. Show off the bones. To prepare for our visit, please look over this basic checklist:

De-Clutter. The people who look at these photos look quickly, so as spare as possible is best. Put away children's toys, stacks of papers, and boxes and bags. Remove clothes from chairs or beds. Make all the beds. Hang up towels in the bathroom, remove items from sink and vanity, close the toilet lid. Tidy up the kitchen counters. Again, less is more. Put away all drying dishes and groceries or items on islands and counters. If you have someone who cleans your home on a regular basis, make your appointment with us for right after the cleaning person is finished. Your home will be at its best then.

Make an appointment for a time when you are not rushed; we will be in your home for approximately thirty minutes to an hour. There should not be family members in the shots, so if it will be a bother to keep asking them to move, set up an appointment for a time when they're not at home. Your house will look best on a sunny day, so we may reschedule until we get one.

If you're planning on selling, or are in the process of selling, please tell us before we set up an appointment. And if you're planning on some major renovation, also tell us; it will be best to photograph the house after the work is completed.

If you have any other questions about the process, feel free to ask before we begin to shoot the house.

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