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Listing Your Home: How Do I Start?

The first step in the process of listing your house is to send us a few photos. You may take them with your camera or phone and email them to us at

Take a picture of the exterior of your house and one of each of the rooms on the first floor. Stand in each corner of the room and take a shot. Together the four shots should cover the whole room. Overview is more important than details. The kitchen is especially important for us to see. If there is something particularly nice upstairs—a very large bathroom, a walk-in closet, a special bedroom—include a picture of that as well.

Remember to give us your name, address, and phone number so we can contact you.

If we decide we can use your home in our inventory, we will set up an appointment to shoot your home. (See the helpful hints in Who Takes the Photographs?). This is a professional shoot of your entire home, and THERE IS NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS SERVICE for this.

Frequently we see lovely homes that we choose not to include in our inventory. This is usually because we have many other houses of that style. Sometimes it has to do with the town not being film-friendly, or with the location of the home (on a steep hill, for instance). So please don't take it personally if we cannot list your home!

If you'd like to speak with us before deciding to send us your photos, please call Asa at 973-746-2552.

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